Sara Di Bartolomeo

Hello! I am Sara. I am a Software Engineering student by day, and a painter by night. I try to mix art and algorithms in an attempt to get this two parts of me together. I tried my hand at every creative part of computer science, such as game development, computer graphics, data visualization, and generative art. I like sharing my knowledge, and finding all sorts of ways to get people interested. For this purpose, I teach coding courses, have public talks, and keep up a strong passion in open source software.

Speeches of Sara Di Bartolomeo

A picture is worth a thousand formulae

There’s a reason why the proverb says “A picture is worth a thousand words”: visual representations of concepts and of the relationships that exist between them help understand their meaning. In the Semantic Web, the concepts and relationships of the world are modeled through ontologies. Still, current standards for ontologies don’t buy into this idea, sticking to old-fashioned formula-based representations, that work well with machines (and nerds) and not so well with (normal) humans. In this talk I’ll show that it is possible, with a little bit of an artistic touch, to represent semantic relationships how you are imagining them.

Speech language: Italian


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