Alex Braga

Alex Braga is a multifaceted and original artist, who wanders from performance art to conceptual art. Born in Novara in 1976, he has lived in many cities in Italy and in the UnitedStates. His work on the audiovisual scene began in1995, focusing on Music, Radio andTelevision. Since 2009, his main objective has become conceptual art with the creation of NIGHTGEOSESSIONS, a multimedia show of art and sustainability. With the support of MIBAC, the Italian Ministry of Culture, Braga has performed his show in some of the most prestigious art institutes in Italy, such as the National Gallery of Modern Art (GNAM) and the MAXXI, the new Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome. In 2010, he created the first tree-generated music show, with the artists Claudio Coccoluto and Diego Stocco. In2011, his Sound Of Beauty, presented in Paris and Madrid, allowed him to explore the relationship between sound and beauty. In 2012, Braga focused his attention on noise pollution, concrete music and the relationship between noise and sound. His new studies led him to create SOUNDPRINT #2. The show, consisting of a car, a violin, a viola, an oboe and a flute, was the opening performance of the Festival del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino. The event, followed by a camera crew, spread throughout the city center, with every musician inside a car whose sounds and noises were manipulated in real time by Braga, who was himself positioned on a large stage in PiazzaleMichelangelo. 2012 was also very important because it marked the first international collaboration with two contemporary art superstars: Mike and DougStarn. The BigBambùBreathe performance, based on the Starn twins’ famous masterpiece BigBambù, tookplace at the Macro Museum inRome. In 2013, with PLUGGER, he was the only Italian artist to be invited to one of the most important medial art festivals, Sonar, and published a book with the Macro museum with AddEditore. PLUGGER is a mixture of video installations and experimental music, and a real collage that brought Braga to perform in very prestigious locations such as the Macro, the MADRE museum in Naples and the Museo della Permanente in Milan, as well as abroad, from Beirut to Berlin, in clubs, museums and cultural centers, with the support of the Italian Cultural Institute. Braga’s conceptual revolution has touched the likes of Ennio Morricone who, after listening to a PLUGGER dedicated to his work said: “Plugger is the new thing that will rock Rock.” 2015 was indeed a golden year for Braga who saw the re-launch of PLUGGER, also known as the RE_ CYCLE # 1 EP, with Davide Squillace and his label ThisAndThat based inBarcelona. The EP contains the single Waxoline, said by DJ John Digweed to be one of the best songs of 2015. Digweed brought Braga and PLUGGER to the BedRockRecords family, a London-based label considered to be one of the most important poles of electronic music in the world where the selection of songs for the new compilation “LIVE iN SOUTHBEACH” began. PLUGGER is defined by as one on of the “leading lights in the electronic musicworld”. This success will make the remix of the new single SPUTNIK possible. The song and PLUGGER have been released all over the world inside the PSB, even bringing the artist into TestCardRecordings. In 2015, Braga also began a new project for the sustainability of water, promoted by the EULABOR Institute with the support of the Ministry of the Environment, IUCN, WCPA, National Geographic, and the Pelagos Sanctuary. On this occasion, the artist produced a techno track composed only of thesounds of mammals, all thanks to the permission of the Tethys Research Institute to access their archives. In the same year, Braga visualized the video installation INTERFERENCE (feat.Quietensemble.) at the Civic Aquarium in Milan: a hydrophone is inserted into the fish tank and the audio and video interact with the human presence to symbolically recreate the human impact on the environment. In 2015, Braga had his first collective exhibition at GNAM entitled “CorporateArt”. In the same year, Braga started a new project as a mentor and judge for conceptual art and electronic music in the AMICI program, the most famous talent show in Italy, broadcasted byCanale5. In January 2017, he presented his new installation, INTANGIBLE, which he toured in major Italian cities such as Milan, Rome, and Turin. In 2017, he embarked on his most ambitious project: the creation of the first artificial intelligence capable of dueting in real time with any musician on stage. After developing the unique software, together with the engineering department of the Faculty of Roma Tre University, Braga created the performance“Cracking Danilo Rea”, where he performs on stage along withone of the most famous piano improvisers, jazz musician DaniloRea. After presenting the project at the National Geographic Festival of Sciences at the Rome Auditorium, the two debuted with a sold out show at the Palazzo Delle Esposizioni in Rome, as the final event of the prestigious RomaEuropaFestival. In December 2017, Braga returned as a guest at the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art with the performance CONTROL by the New York artist Paco Cao (promoted by Google Arts), for which Braga wrote the music, collaborated with the lyrics and played live doing the voiceover. Braga is also known in Italy for his work as an author, screenwriter and producer for TV and Radio. He is a professor of conceptual art and a judge in the afternoon talent show AMICI for Canale5 as well as author and conductor for 13 years of the historic 610 cultbroadcast on Radio2, with which he won the 2015 Cuffie d’Oro, the Oscars of Italian radio.

Speeches of Alex Braga

AM I? Artificial Music Intelligence” – AMI VS DANILO REA

The performance represents on stage the process of learning, decoding and cracking the human pattern in real time. Rea plays, the AMI - Artificial Music Intelligence - designed and implemented by a Engineering team of University Roma Tre - learns and collects data in real time, and when the system succeeds in “cracking” the human code of Rea’s improvisation, sends a signal to synthesizer that plays electronic sounds filtered and managed by Alex Braga to create a duet of man and machine. If the system “fails” and doesn’t succeed in cracking, the signal sent by the A.I. will be digital noise and white noise. The more is Rea unpredictable, the less the A.N.N. will decode. But the A.I. learns and gets better: performance after performance, collecting millions of datas on Rea, will be more and more able to crack and interact . On the other hand, man is creative: Rea and Braga too will get to know the machine better and better and will be able to use it as a brand new musical instrument to play with. This is the balance we are trying to represent, our artistic answer to the conceptual and current debate: Rea will be not only a sublime improvisator, but will become a totally new instrument himself, along with Braga and the A.I., that plays a new music ensemble driven by the human code. And the result of the man-machine interaction will either be better than man by himself and machine by themselves. The performance is structured as a great Wagnerian crescendo, with Rea starting his solo and the machine slowly decoding and entering Rea’s music on tiptoe until it provides fundamental support and acts as a counterpart in the grand finale of back-and-forth

Speech language: Italian


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