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My name is Matteo Vanotti and I'm a Farmer and an Engineer. With more than 15 years' experience in Farming and a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering, I experienced firsthand how agricultural business is becoming more and more complex due to legal, operational and economic challenges, while on the other hand, technologies evolve and create opportunity. Basing on multi-year experience in farming and IT, together with a great team we developed xFarm, a Farm Management Platform covering every aspect of farming. It is user-friendly but powerful and offers a complete set of tools to help farmers to easily manage even the most complex farm and to support them in their decision making. It is a completely cloud-based platform which is also open for third-party agricultural services.

Speeches di Matteo Vanotti

Big Data in Agriculture. Multiple complex inputs must have one clear output for Farmers

Technology in Agriculture evolved very fast over the last few years. We are now able to collect data from Satellites, IoT sensors, Drones, GPS&Data from Tractors and Implements, Soil Analyses, ultra-localized weather forecast and other inputs. This creates huge amounts of high-value data. Until now, Agricultural data were not digitized and only partially used. Now that the technology is mature, this data can be analyzed. The analysis is complex and must be transversal on all inputs. The last challenge is to create an efficient and clear output in order for the Farmers to get the full benefits of Big Data in Agriculture.

Lingua speech: Italian


Agrifood, Predictive analysis, Sensors and Data Acquisition, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things

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