Salvatore Iaconesi

Human Ecosystems Relazioni

Artist, designer, robotic engineer, professor of Transmedia Design and Near Future Design at ISIA Firenze and Università La Sapienza in Rome. Has created Art is Open Source in 2004, an international network in which artists, designers and researchers explore human and social mutations brought on by ubiquitous technologies. In 2011 he has created Human Ecosystems, a research center dedicated to creating cultural acceleration processes through data and the commons, using Arts and Design as a catalyzer for science and technology. TED Fellow, Yale World Fellow and Eisenhower Fellow.

Speeches di Salvatore Iaconesi

Data as a Culture

The experience of Human Ecosystems Relazioni (HER), a private research center which uses data to create cultural acceleration processes. From capturing social network activities from entire cities to understand civic collaboration, to transforming entire organizations into big data generators to understand how they relate with people, use assets and services, or to creating enormous data-driven art installations to create large social impacts: what is the role of art and design that work with, around and about data, to bring social innovation and new strategic model for social and economic intervention?

Lingua speech: Italian


Industry 4.0, Etica dei dati e privacy, Open data, Digital Humanities, Data Visualization

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