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Deep Learning Italia is the biggest Italian Community of Deep Learning. The main purpose is to share knowledge (tutorials, articles and courses) on Machine Learning and Deep Learning. [Deep Learning Italia is an AI factory] Icaro Artificial Intelligence is a Fintech company with a focus on Deep Learning Solutions for cryptocurrencies marketplace. Icaro AI can help the trader for the decision-making and find a new pattern for your investment strategy. [Deep Learning for Cryptocurrencies Trading] I attended in Kaggle Competition "Data Science Bowl 2017" with my team. We got awarded a bronze star. Conferences: -Speaker at Luiss Enlabs, Deep Learning and Computer Vision 3 May 2017 -Speaker at International Summer School of Deep Learning on Bilbao 17/21 July 2017. My speech was about "Sentiment Analysis tool using RCNN". - Singularity U Italy Summit 27/28 Milan 2017 - Guest at FintechStage Madrid 12 December, 2017 - Speaker at Deep Learning and Finance, London 15-16 March 2018 - Speaker at World Congress on Data Science and Big Data Analytics May 24-25, 2018 Toronto, Canada. Abstract: Sentiment Analysis + a Tool for Data Analysis and Discovery. My main research topics are: Cloudera, Deep Learning, Neuroscience, Health, Fintech

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Volatility: your Enemy or your Friend? A Deep Learning Solution

Cryptocurrency time series are usually known to be very complex, non-stationary and very noisy. Furthermore, in recent years, more and more Deep Learning models have been employed to “Sentiment Analysis” (SA) thanks to their automatic high-dimensional feature extraction capability even from non-structured symbolic data such as generic texts (i.e. tweet). These breakthroughs are also due to the latest pre-processing discovers like Word Embeddings (Mikolov, 2013). In this work we propose a novel stack of cutting-edge Deep Learning models aimed to generate outperforming prediction accuracy and profitability in cryptocurrency forecasting. Namely, we leverage a new Deep Learning time-series model called WSAEs-LSTM by efficiently combining Wavelet-Trasforms (WT) for data denoising; Stacked Autoencoders (SAE) for high-level feature extraction and LSTM (Long Short Term Memory) for modelling cryptocurrency prices historical data. On the other side, a Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network model (RCNN) achieving the “state-of-art” accuracy in sentiment classification, has been implemented (Lai, et al., 2015). Our RCNN implementation achieves 85% of accuracy on this training set. Using RCNN we produce a sentiment time-series for each textual sequence which is eventually inserted as input to WSAEs-LSTM. The high accuracy of RCNNs and WSAEs-LSTM enables us to reach supreme levels of crypto-coin predictions by measuring RMSE (and MAPE) between real values of “close” and “volume” attribute and the predicted ones, as far as the -test set is exclusively concerned. The historical data entered into WSAEs-LSTM (other than the Sentiment time-series) are “high”, “low”, “open”, “close”, “volume”, “weighted average” attributes of 63 different cryptocurrencies.

Lingua speech: Italian


Industry 4.0, Fintech/blockchain, Social media analytics, Predictive analysis, Algorithms

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