Guglielmo Iozzia


I am a Big Data Delivery Manager at Optum (UnitedHealth Group) and based in Dublin, Ireland. My fields of expertise are Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning. I started my career path on those fields while working at IBM Ireland. After giving talks in the past years to internal conferences for the companies I worked for, this year I became a speaker to several international conferences.

Speeches di Guglielmo Iozzia

Ultralight Data Movement for IoT with SDC Edge

Edge computing and the Internet of Things bring great promise, but often just getting data from the edge requires moving mountains. Let’s learn how to make edge data ingestion and analytics easier using StreamSets Data Collector edge, an ultralight, platform independent and small-footprint Open Source solution written in Go for streaming data from resource-constrained sensors and personal devices (like medical equipment or smartphones) to Apache Kafka, Amazon Kinesis and many others. This talk includes an overview of the SDC Edge main features, supported protocols and available processors for data transformation, insights on how it solves some challenges of traditional approaches to data ingestion, pipeline design basics, a walk-through some practical applications and the integration with other technologies such as Streamsets Data Collector, Apache Kafka, and Hadoop.

Lingua speech: English


Industry 4.0, Sensors and Data Acquisition, Internet of Things

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