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Martin Musiol is Data Scientist at frog design in Europe and co-founder of Storybeep a natural language processing company, working with the publishing industry in providing customer-specific newsletters. He is passionate about Machine Learning algorithms - more precisely Deep Learning architectures such as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), etc. - that look beyond data and extract valuable insights that can be interesting for us as we aim to build products that impact the world in a positive way.

Speeches di Martin Musiol

Generative AI: how the next milestone in machine learning will improve the products we build

The advancements in AI over the past decade have been tremendous. Machines can drive, speak, trade stocks, and even sort cucumbers. However, all of this does not compare to what the next generation of AI can do. From generating texts of all kinds, to creating music that is indistinguishable from human compositions, to producing images based solely on descriptive text, AI is getting in on the creative process. A novel approach for training machines to carry out complex generative tasks and iteratively improve on their own output is making all this possible. The new algorithm that powers this is called Generative Adversarial Networks, or GANs for short. In this talk, Martin will provide an understanding of what the next generation AI is, where this tech is going, and how these breakthroughs will improve the products we build.

Lingua speech: English


Education, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms

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