Monique Calisti

Martel Innovate

Monique, Executive Director and Partner of Martel, manages the company’s business and leads its strategic development, combining her technical ICT background with a consolidated entrepreneurial experience. She is responsible for Martel’s business acquisition and daily interaction with customers and partners in the international research and innovation scene.

Speeches di Monique Calisti

Orchestra Cities: Co-creating the Smart Cities of Tomorrow

Orchestra Cities is an initiative led by Martel Innovate to create a collaborative smart city platform through which cities and citizens can share: data, standards and solutions in compliance with GDPR. Orchestra Cities allows for modular scalability embracing also small cities needs and cost constraints. Orchestra Cities is entirely based on Open Software (such as FIWARE) and Open Standards and its code will be released as Open Source. Join our talk to find out how we are building it and how the feedback of Antwerp, Copenhagen and Helsinki is helping us to shape the platform!

Lingua speech: English


Etica dei dati e privacy, Open data, Sensors and Data Acquisition, Internet of Things, Data Visualization

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