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Laureato in Ingegneria Informatica al Politecnico di Torino. Ho iniziato a lavorare per Data Reply da Giugno 2016, dove ho iniziato ad entrare nel mondo dei Big Data. Sono interessato alle nuove tecnologie, e soprattutto a come ottimizzare i processi riducendo sprechi e costi. I Big Data , combinato ai Cloud computing, rappresentano esattamente questo, ed è la strada che al momento sto seguendo come crescita professionale

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Big data: lift and shift journey

Big Data is widely used by companies to improve business decision-making processes, using the large amount of information coming from several actors (IoT devices, system logs, monitoring systems …). However, Big Data analysis requires a huge amount of computing resources making the adoption cost of big data technology not affordable for many small-to-medium enterprises. Cloud computing has disrupted traditional aspects of IT by enabling a paradigm shift in how the industry approaches operations and software development. Cloud enables, especially with PaaS approach, a setup low-cost environments and elastic approach that is beneficial to big data and advanced analytics. It allows companies to implement cost saving strategies on Big Data component (exploiting pay-as-you-go and on-demand payment methods). At Data Reply we believe that the Cloud providers now offer tools and methodologies that are mature enough for big data analytics: from serverless query services and managed real-time data processing platforms to infrastructure as code and secure storage, the public cloud can help customers analyse an ever-increasing volume and variety of data in a cost-efficient, agile and flexible way. In this speech we would share with you the lesson learned in our journey from on-premise big data platforms to cloud-based solutions and in particular the problems we encountered and how we solved them. We will showcase how a major Italian media company built a big data analytics platform entirely in the cloud and how a multinational automotive company migrated its existing big data stack to the cloud.

Lingua speech: Italian


Industry 4.0, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Internet of Things

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